Strategic Technology Planning

Strategic Technology Plans provide a “roadmap” for delivery of future services.  These types of plans assist organizations in managing technology spend to manage business alignment and protect against technology obsolescence.

The Process of Developing a Strategic Technology Plan

  • Encourages a proactive environment resulting in positive future outcomes for the organization
  • Presents a deeper understanding of needs and priorities
  • Aids in gaining perspective and clarity in order to streamline priorities
  • Facilitates team building between IT and business departments
  • Provides a framework for future implementations

Benefits That Result From a Strategic Technology Plan

  • Clarification of IT Goals and Vision
  • Greater understanding of IT and technology resource needs
  • Understanding of emerging technology trends and how they will impact your organization
  • Technology strategies and goals that are aligned with business strategies and goals
  • Tactics to make the future a reality

Our Approach

iiT has refined our strategic technology planning process to ensure the development of focused and meaningful technology management and spending to assist you in your goals for a sustainable future. Ask today how we can facilitate your strategic planning efforts so that you can more easily balance goals and resources to make the most of your day to day decisions.