IT Operational and Security Training

Training Services Offered by IIT:

iiT can provide your organization with the following training services:

Custom In-house Security Training

We can tailor security awareness specifically for your organization.  To fit your training time frame we can design classes from one day to a week.

Custom Security Webinars

Sometimes employees can not take time out of their busy schedules to attend a formal class.  In these cases we can tailor periodic short webinars on a host of security topics.

Table-top Exercises

In a technology-related crisis situation, it is imperative that the cause is identified and resolved as soon as possible.  To do this your technology team must work with other areas of your organization toward the common goal of problem resolution.  The best way to achieve this is through periodic drills simulating a plausible real life event (table top exercises).

iiT will work with your organization to develop a custom table top exercise to fit your needs.  We will work senior members of your team to create a scenario, identify key personnel to take part in the exercise, conduct the exercise and create an after-action report detailing the results.

Phishing Email Awareness Training

Statistics show that 58% of people will click on a link in a phishing email while less than 10% will do so after training

Benefits from Training to recognize Phishing Emails

  • A phishing email can defeat your network security controls
  • The average cost of a data breach to a small company is $60,000 (~$3.2M for a large company)
  • Approximately one out of every eight employees will click on a phishing email (~12%)
  • It only takesone employee to fall for a phishing email to let a hacker into your network

Here is how iiT’s Phishing Service works…

  • We design a phishing email that is tailored to your organization
  • You provide us with email addresses for up to 25% of your employees that you want to receive the phishing email test
  • You approve the test
  • Any employee who clicks on the phishing email is sent to a training page that teaches them how to recognize phishing emails
  • We send you a detailed report that you can use for compliance

We overcome these common barriers to training

  • Cost – iiT’s Phishing training is cost effective
  • Time – no time required to attend a formal class
  • Effectiveness – Reports provided to show training results
  • Time to Repeat Training – when required takes only minutes to set up a repeat session

Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is the most important tool you can use to improve the protection of your company’s information.  All of the technology in the world won’t prevent bad guys from accessing your confidential information if you haven’t trained your employees in good practices. Remember, every employee has an obligation to protect your assets.

Why Security Awareness Training?

  • Help employees make better security choices a higher percentage of the time
  • Ensure employees understand their role in prevention of this theft
  • Provide employees with knowledge and tools to protect the company
  • Help protect against employee ignorance or human error
  • Raise awareness of attempts to steal information (credit card numbers, intellectual property, personal information, etc.)

Benefits from Security Awareness Training

  • Behavior changes that incorporate security best practices into day-to-day behavior
  • Increased likelihood that people will follow existing policies
  • Reduced likelihood of information breach
  • Better protection of organizational information and intellectual assets
  • Security awareness integrated into the corporate culture