IT Operational Assessment

iiT consultants have considerable experience in the management of an Information Technology environments. Several of our consultants are former Chief Information Officer (CIO’s) and can provide you with considerable insight to your own IT operation.

As part of iiT’s IT Operational Assessments, we will conduct a review of day to day operational processes, project management processes and a review of supporting infrastructure; all with the eye towards service management. This assessment includes all areas of IT operations including:

  • System architecture and network design
  • Routine maintenance processes and process management practices
  • IT Service Management and delivery
  • Cyber security posture
  • Feasibility of service delivery goals in the context of “World Class” expectations
  • Evaluation of current Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity processes
  • In place metrics and reporting


Benefits of IT Operational Assessments

Identification of and projects developed to remediate shortfalls for products, solutions or processes that

  • Are outdated and should be discontinued
  • should be continued but the emphasis should be significantly reduced from what it is currently
  • Products, solutions or processes that are currently being done but could be more efficient with greater automation
  • could be more efficiently and cost effectively managed


iiT’s Approach

iiT would first endeavor to understand what is working well. From there, we’ll look to evaluate previous assessments to understand “pain point” and areas where improved service delivery would benefit the organization. By understanding the current and the past, we are able to compare to Best-in-Class environments to see where your organization can gain some efficiencies.