IT Skills Sets Assessments

iiT can help you review the current skill sets of your staff and evaluate what training should be scheduled to enable them to reach their full potential in your organization.

Our Approach

iiT starts with the job descriptions and evaluates the appropriateness of the written job description for the work being performed. Our next step is to evaluate the fit of the incumbent to the job description and their skills proficiency as compared to current and future needed skills sets.

We also evaluate workloads, internal processes, work origination, activity time allocation, and the use of managed services to determine work environment for each IT employee.

Why Have an IT Skills Assessment?

  • Determine risks and improvements that can be resolved with appropriate skills
  • Development of training plans for employees

What are the Benefits of an IT Skills Assessment?

  • Understand organizational consistency with required skills (based upon job descriptions)
  • Document current skills proficiency and inventory (based upon employees rating their own capability)
  • Identify ideal skills (based upon industry trends, best practices and anticipated future needs)
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Position optimization, i.e. do you have the right employees with the required skills in the correct positions?
  • Identify strategies to resolve skills gaps (including training plans and contracted services)