Technology Governance Assessments

If there is a single key to the effective and transformative use of technology, it is an engaged and informed governance structure supported by sound governance processes.

Governance is the decision and accountability framework that makes sure technology implementations meet the needs of the business as a whole and are not “pet projects.” It does this by framing technology decisions to make sure that alignment with business objectives is the defining criteria. Finally, it establishes a process to prioritize investments and decisions, and monitors outcomes to ensure that expected results are achieved.

Benefits of our Assessments

  • Assurance that your governance program is well established and has ongoing procedures and tools to keep it moving forward.
  • Identification of techniques to measure and track the program’s performance
  • Recommendations to improve the strategic alignment of technology investment decisions
  • Verification or improvement recommendations to assure that technology projects are being managed to reduce risk realize benefits


iiT examines the extent to which IT governance is embedded into the decision making, project management, executive reporting, support and budgeting processes.  To accomplish this we

  • Compare your processes with industry best practices and governance frameworks
  • Analyze and determine the level of stakeholder involvement in decision making
  • Evaluate how stakeholders measure progress
  • Review of governance committees or structures and their effectiveness